Ben Alford (G-BVEN)
Nic Amor (G-CBOW)
Richard Ashford (G-RENI)
There are no words!
Martin Axtell (G-VITL)
William Baker (G-CKIN)
Marie Banks (G-OWLY)
Marie started 'having a go' at the age of ten when her Dad learnt to fly and then got her own licence in 2002. She has flown in seven countries.
Stephanie Bareford (G-CHSP)
Steph has grown up around ballooning and got her license at 18. She has been competing for 5 years and this year she will represent the UK at the World Hot Air Balloon Championships in Saga.
David Bareford (EC-LIR)
David is 9 times UK National Champion, 3 times European Champion and twice World Champion and gained the BBAC and CIA gold badges in 1999.
Dominic Bareford (G-CJGO)
Dominic is a young pilot who obtained his license in 2011; so far he has won the Junior world championships in 2014 and is three times British National champion.
Rob Bayly (G-SBIZ)
Rob Bayly flew the Atlantic in 1992 with Don Cameron and has flown the Channel in both directions. Last time he flew at Longleat in the 1990's, Rob splashed in the lake before winning the race.
Neil Beckwith (G-CJXE)
I first got involved in ballooning in1987 and have flown in, crewed and piloted balloons in Germany, Italy, France and Kenya. My current balloons are G-CJXE and G-BJVU.
Steven Bellaby (G-WJAC)
Steve has been involved in hot air ballooning for 26 years and flies mostly in the UK and Europe. He has flown in many fiestas and competitions over the years.
Nick Bettin (G-OJBM)
Nick has been ballooning for nearly 30 years, but hates flying & has a fear of heights! His wife, Sarah is the real pilot but doesn't get the chance when he thinks he might win!
Paul Bonner (G-BWPP)
In 1981, I co-founded the Sarnia Balloon Group which now has five balloons, starting with a Balloon we called Penny. My sister Jackie Magnani and I now fly Fourpence and Fivepence.
Andy Booth (G-PYRO)
I have been Ballooning since 1994 , completed PPl in Autumn 1995 and attained my Commercial Licence in 1999 I have 900+ hours flying balloons and Having flown in many country's
Shaun Bradley (G:CFXP)
Having flown in Russia, India, Thailand, Italy, Austria, Germany and various locations in the UK this is my first at Longleat and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it.
Abi Bridge (G-CFIW)
Checking out just over a year ago Abi has flown at some amazing events, including Longleat 2016, Nationals 2016, Oswestry balloon Festival 2017, France, Germany and Italy.
Craig Bryant (g-jhaa)
My name is Craig Bryant from Bristol I have been flying for over 10years. I fly privately as a hobby but moving forwarding with training to become a CPL
Jamie Campbell (G-CEEK)
The former Thomson Local balloon, now flown and operated by Tim Wood, Jamie Campbell and their family and friends, Team Thomson!
Malcolm Campbell (G-RCOH)
Having flown some of the largest special shapes in the world, including Exclusive Ballooning's Pirate Ship, there is nothing really that can flumox Malcolm. Must always have coffee too.
Steve Chatfield (G-GBBT)
Been a pilot since 2000 it's all been very emotional ...
Andrew Collett (G-OCTS)
Since his first flight in 2009 Andy has over 250 hours flying experience and flown at many balloon fiestas in Europe, USA and at home in the UK. Andy once visited Swindon.
Caroline Collins (G-TSWZ)
I've been ballooning since 1974 but got my licence in 2005 I'm 54 and we have 4 generations of us ballooning now. I have been an observer and I have been lucky to fly all over
Alex Court (G-OURT)
Alex is the UK's youngest commercial pilot and regularly tours European youth balloon events and competitions. He will be flying his own personalised 56 racer built by himself.
Alexandra Daniels (G-CIDU)
Alex is a pilot Mum who loves adventures in her balloon. She loves flying with her family and friends.
Andrew Davidson (G-WILB)
I am a sport and leisure pilot and enjoy flying in the Midlands of England as well as abroad. I fly mainly with the Nottingham and Derby Balloon Club
Gary Davies (G-EDRE)
Been flying since my dad got his license in 1980, i love flying balloons!! im now 1200 hours P1
Arwel Davies (G-CLAD)
Second generation pilot father Eirian Davies flew first Ad-Clad balloon a viva 77 G-BGHV. 1979. I qualified in 2013 and fly a replica viva 90 G-CLAD.
Tim Davis (G-CCRG)
PPL in July last year and CPL six months later it's safe to say I probably spend more time in the air than on the ground. Have flown in Germany, Switzerland, Taiwain and U.K.
Deborah Day (G-cirl)
Deborah, a pilot of three years, is new to competition flying. She thoroughly enjoys adventure flights and long distance competitions
Chase Donner (G-CJIG)
Started flying in Devon and got my licence in 1989. Mainly flown in U.K but attended 1st 'Metz' in '89 and only missed 2 since then. Became a BBAC instructor in 2015
Nick Dunnington (G-CIND)
Neil Edmunds (G-OLCY)
Neil has been a pilot for 9 years. He is the former crew chief for Exclusive Ballooning and has recently emigrated from Wales! Flying with my Team, Rowan, Steve, Marcus & Helen.
Andrew Evans (G-LBUK)
Mike Evans (G-BXCG)
I have been flying balloons since 1982. I am Chief Pilot for Bath and Bristol Balloons with 3500 hours experience under my belt.
Neil Fishlock (GBZKU)
A group of like minded people who fly mainly in the Malvern area for fun!
Chris Freeman (G-DRPO)
Peter George (G-UKUK)
Peter been flying balloons for over 30 years in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. His most memorable flight was launching from 10,000ft at the summit of the Hoher Dachstein in Austria.
Michael Gibbons (G-CDGN)
I have been flying hot air balloons for 22 years and have flown in France, Italy and Dubai.
Piers Glydon (G-FMGB)
Piers has been a pilot for more than a year, and has flown in over three countries. He likes flying balloons because it means that he can see further away. He will be flying with all 6 of his Facebook friends.
Thomas Gouder (G-BSIC)
I have been a pilot 9 years obtaining my license just after my 17th birthday. I have flown over 30 different balloons in 5 different countries.
Peter Greaves (G-CJIK)
My mother was a balloon pilot in the 1980's and started my love for balloons. Obtained licence last year and fly for leisure in the Weald of Kent with a crew of family and friends.
Marcus Green (G-OINT)
Combining orthopaedic surgery and ballooning is a challenging task. Marcus have been flying and operating for over 30 years now. Flying G-OINT listen out for him calling my crew -"Joint to Replacement"
Andrew Gregory (G-SFSL)
Winner of last years Exclusive Cup !! Could be a bit of a struggle to retain this year. I love flying and have probably taught both my sons too well...
Daniel Gregory (G-BTSX)
This will be my 1st Exclusive Cup as P1 and a great way to round off my first summer competing! As I helped my dad win last year, I’ll be using him as my met balloon as he owes me
Peter Gunner (G-CGIH)
Peter Harding (G-FWJR)
Pilot for fun, retailer for a living. Peter likes crisps, gin, wine and sport (in that order). He is known as ‘Maverick’ to his long-suffering crew.
Bruce Harris (G-CIJL)
John Hartley (G FVEL)
Started flying balloons in 1991 having come from the world of yachting. Flown in Albuquerque, France, Ireland and Austria as well as his more usual patch in the north of England.
Simon Hartnell (G-BYHU)
I have been qualified for 28 years and am part of a Bristol and Bath based three family syndicate who own and fly the balloon purely for fun.
Rhett Heartsill (G-UINS)
Rhett is the current World Champion and a former US National Champion. This will be his first time attending a balloon event in the UK.
Kris Hlebechuk (Gooey)
Kris is travelling from Wasilla, Alaska, where he flies aeroplanes for a living. Kris helped Exclusive Ballooning in achieving the World Record of flying all of the American States in 43 days.
Douglas Hoddinott (G-LAMP)
Doug has been Ballooning since the age of 4. He obtained his PPL at the age of 21 and CPL at 26. Doug has flown all over Europe and the Middle East.
Andrew Holly (G-WINZ)
Andrew is three times British National Champion, and has flown balloons in over 40 different countries. Andrew is chief pilot for Exclusive Ballooning and event director of The Exclusive Cup.
Thomas Hook (G-HUKX)
Tom has been a pilot for 2 years. He ranked 3rd at this years National Championships and is beginning to work as a commercial pilot too.
Alex Hook (G-CBHX)
Alex finds time to fly between university and has competed in the national championships twice. He is undoubtedly the better looking of the Hook brothers who are from Derbyshire :)
Phil Hooper (G-BUEI)
Lee Hooper (G-CJVH)
Lee has been flying for over 20 years & now as Operations Director for Lindstrand Balloons, he has been instrumental in re-establishing it as a leading UK manufacturer.
Sam Hooper (G-CJVN)
I've had my license for 4 years and fly in my spare time. Flown at various locations across Europe. Been to sagratino cup this year and really enjoyed it.
Simon Hornsby (GCCLO)
I have 9000 hours flying in everything from a sticky bun to an egg-whisk, bedsheets, planks and finally a bag of hot air. If it gets me off the ground I've gotta try it.
Mike Howard (G-KLTB)
Mike has been flying balloons for many years. He has competed at National & World Championships for the UK & his now adopted home country of Dubai, UAE.
Peter Johnson (G-CIDH)
Stephen Jones (G-ERRI)
Gaining his license in 95 ballooning has taken him to Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Japan, UAE, Poland. He has Directed and officiated at competitions worldwide. He is an FAI Juror
Kevin Jones (G HOTM)
Evesham based Pilot and proud flyer of G-HOTM, I have enjoyed ballooning in the UK and Europe with Family and Friends.
Neal Langford (G-UINZ)
I grew up around ballooning in New Mexico. Traveling around the world and meeting new people is my favorite part. The flying is great too.
Jeff Lawton (G-OWLL)
Flown for 20 years ,commercial pilot ,experienced many countries from a Balloon basket .
Thomas Lee (G-CJLT)
Successfully flew across the English Channel as part of a GWR flight earlier this year and holds a 100% sucess rate of not being eaten by Longleat lions... so far... !
Neus Llado Gambin (EC-MBZ)
Bill MacKinnon (G-IAMP)
Commercial balloon pilot operating in the winter in SE Asia. Balloon instructor. This summers flying has been in England, Ireland and Israel.
Paul Mackley (G-PURP)
I have now been a qualified pilot for 8 years. My very first flight as a P1 was at the 2009 Exclusive Cup flying our first balloon the original Purple Rain G-PATG
Gary Madlein (G-CGFN)
1986-heading to work and watched balloons lift off from Southampton Common. Flying so low over our office you could talk to the people in the baskets! Vowed I’d lean to fly one.
Jackie Magnani (G-CCPP)
Jackie has been a member of the Sarnia Balloon Group for 34 years, and has been a pilot since 1999. When not flying, she is busy running All Aspects Lettings in Basingstoke or dancing Salsa.
Derek Maltby (G-UWEB)
Derek has been a pilot for over 28 years with over 1,100 flying hours. He achieved the BBAC Gold Award for flying with disciplines of accuracy, altitude, distance and duration.
Phil Mccheyne (G-CJRO)
I have been a trainee pilot for 15 years gaining over 150 hours & this year finally getting my licence ! in 3 months I already have 30 hours flying some of them flown in Itally.
Terence McCoy (G-CCVZ)
Terry McCoy has been a pilot for over 25 years, and has taught various high profile people to fly, including the event director, Andrew Holly and adventurer David Hempleman-Adams
David McCutcheon (G-HTEK)
I sold my car to buy my first balloon in 1984. Flew in the world Championships in Saga in 1989 and have flown in countries far and wide ever since. Great times!
James McDonald (G-JEMS)
James is a Kent based pilot, aged 22 who attends many events across the UK each year in his lightweight Ultramagic S-90. It makes those carry outs slightly easier!
Roger McLean (G-CBWK)
Brian Mead (G-CJIL)
I have been flying for 4 years, I design and build my own balloons.
David Medcalf (G-CHXN)
Martin Mitchell (G-BXUU)
License gained in 2004 Flown in UK, Germany, France, Belgium
Ashley Moore (G-omgr)
Ashley has been involved in ballooning since 2004, when he started as a crew member. He was instructed locally by James Strickland, achieving pilot status on his first attempt in 2009.
Celia Morley (G-BXZI)
Started crewing in 1997as a part time summer job,forgot to leave,gained ppl in 2003, cpl in 2007.flown little stuff, big stuff and funny shaped stuff in various bits of the world.
Shaun Nother (G-GBGB)
I have been flying since 2009 I have met some really great people during this time and I have also been privileged to be in some ballooning world records.
Richard Parry (G-CDZV)
Richard has been a pilot 30 years, and was 3rd at the European Championships, won the 25th Anniversary British National Championships in 2000 and was UK National Champion in 2009.
Russell Parsons (G-CBIM)
Russ wanted a new challenge and it was between hot air ballooning or a hovercraft, a challenge in which the hovercraft lost. He was then crewed for a local pilot, and managed to get his own pilots licence.
Ian Parsons (G-CIHG)
Ian has been involved in ballooning for over 25 years, having flown in various European countries and around the UK. Ballooning is perhaps Ian's greatest passion, beaten only by his wife who takes top spot.
Darwin Peltan (G-CBWK)
Richard Penney (G-LEAT)
Richard is the 'mane' pilot for the Simbaloo balloon and is looking forward to returning to Longleat for the 2017 Sky Safari. Joined by faithful team members Rob and Jez, Team Lion is ready to roar.
John Petrehn (G-OTEA)
2006 & 2010 World Hot Air Balloon Champion. 4 time US National Hot Air Balloon Champion.
David Rawlings (G-HPCB)
From Crewing in the 1989 Indian Balloon Mela (first time near a Balloon) to Piloting my Balloon across the English channel in April 2017, what a trip! loving it. David
Martin Rich (G-BSNU)
Sunrise is flown and owned by 3 friends flying for fun in the Sunny South West !
Niall Rowan (G-BYNN)
Niall has been ballooning for 30 years but has only been a pilot for 10. He has flown in much of Europe and is a member of the Cloud 9 balloon syndicate based in Brighton.
Matthew Rowley (G-CJKI)
I have has been flying for 7 years, mainly in the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area but also enjoy attending different events in the UK and beyond.
John Russon (G-SCFC)
Having been a pilot for 20 years and enjoy all forms of flying from one man balloons, competition flying to fun flying, I also enjoy new and testing locations to fly across the UK
Ken Scott (G-CBNI)
Ken has been flying this balloon for many years promoting Cancer Research UK. The Rainbow arrow replaced the old logo on G-CBNI, and was then renamed "Rainbarrow."
Julie Searle (G-JULU)
Ian Sharpe (G-IFOS)
Ian flies purely for fun and tries to fly in as many exotic and interesting locations as possible. Among others, he has flown in most of Europe as well as Dubai, Syria, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Surrey.
Rupert Stanley (G-RUPS)
Rupert is a regular competition pilot, who represented Team GB at the World Championships in Japan last November, placed 22nd. Rupert also flys a gyrocopter.
Jeffrey Sweet (G-CGZZ)
Kevin Tanner (G-HOPR)
I had my first flight in the late 1980s in Honey Child but did not get my license until 2003. I fly mainly in the UK, on the Bucks/Oxon border, in my Lindstrand hopper.
Josh Taylor (G-CKJT)
Craig Thompson (G-GAGE)
my name is Craig Thompson from Bristol I have been flying for the past 9years as a hobby in between running my business. I took part in the cross channel in april
Neil Townshend (G-ODRT)
Neil has been flying balloons recreationally for 28 years mainly in the North Cotswold area where he works as a GP.
Matthew Turner (G-OJMS)
I have been flying all my life and I am the third generation of pilot in the Turner family. I managed to get my licence just over a year ago on my 17th birthday.
Alan Turner (G-CKIT)
Alan’s first flight was in 1974 at the age of 4, gained his licence since 1992 and became an instructor in 2015. Alan says ballooning is the only thing that stops him thinking about his busy work life.
John Tyrrell (G-CROP)
John says that his last 18 years flying balloons has been great fun, in both the UK & Europe- meeting new people every day.
David Usill (G-WOTW)
David started ballooning in 1987 and discovered the joys of competition flying in 1989. He competed in Competitions until 2016 when the Dark Side took over. David now just flies for fun.
Ian Wadey (G-ITVM)
Nearly 500 P1 hours and I have enjoyed every mimute!
Robin Waite (G-HBEE)
Robin has been flying balloons privately for over 25 years and is a BBAC Instructor. His daughter Fiona is also a pilot and his son Stephen is well on the way to his licence.
Fiona Waite (G-OPER)
Fiona has been a pilot for just over a year and is 1/2 of the Father-Daughter team 'HoneyB'.
Andy Wallace (G-CJIH)
I'm a ppl from Bristol had my license for four years, with just over 100hours P1. Looking forward to taking part in my first exclusive cup.
Tim Ward (G-BXCN)
I had my first balloon flight in 1980, gained my license in 1991, I’ve flown many different types of balloon and have flown balloons above 20,000ft and across the English Channel.
Ian Warrington (G-PERC)
Had my licence for 15 years and had some amazing experiences. I've flown across London and the Channel. Flown in 11 countries incl Israel and the USA. I love instructing others.
Mark Whitewood (G CCOP)
Mark is an Estate Agent from Hertfordshire. He loves the colour blue which is why his balloon is all blue. But its very heavy, therefore he brings lots of crew to help; he makes out they are all his friends.
Richard Wiles (G-RIZI)
Richard Wiles learned to fly in 1992 and has owned G-RIZI since then. After a long break in flying he returned to ballooning as Editor of Aerostat magazine, the journal of the BBAC
Julia Wilkinson (G-ULIA)
One of the first women to qualify as a pilot (in 1978), I have flown in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines but now mostly enjoy drifting over the Wiltshire Downs!
Crispin Williams (G-TCAN)
Crispin is the oldest person alive, and first won the nationals 40 years ago. Since then, Crispin has won the nationals 5 more times! Team Williams is one of the friendliest teams in the World.
Chris Williamson (G-NIMA)
P1 since 2006 Tequila Sunrise has flown in UK,France,Austria,Switzerland,Thailand,and in Israel this year Like new places to fly, Longleat at first
Michael Woodcock (G-CEJZ)
Mike, has been flying for more than 20 years, generally flies in the Kent and Sussex area, flying both Cloud Hoppers and more normal balloons.
Mark Wrigglesworth (G-CJYM)